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My business started in 2012, but has been about 50 years in the making. I started sewing when I was about 5 years old and haven’t stopped since. A job layoff was just the push I needed to make the dream of owning my own business a reality. I am passionate about SEWING along with making all types of other crafts.

I love taking something that no longer fits you well and making it look great on you once again. When money is spent on quality garments, it is worth a little more to have them tailored to your body’s shape and size. No matter what that size and shape may be, a great fit makes all the difference in self-confidence and attitude.

I know it can often feel wasteful to throw out something just because it has a small rip or a torn pocket. I can help you get that pile of mending back under control. Buttons missing? Zipper broken? Let me take care of those repairs for you.

Redecorating? I make cushions, pillows, curtains, tablecloths, placemats, napkins, table runners, etc. I can also whip up a new messenger bag (briefcase) with a special padded pocket to protect your iPad or other device. Need a baby shower gift? How about a diaper bag loaded with pockets inside and out to keep everything organized, protected, and secure. There are also stroller straps and an adjustable cross body strap for convenience. This bag holds electronic devices in a padded pocket and cell phones, etc. in zippered pockets with their own slots for cards and money. I can design a custom made tote, beach, or duffle bag for you. Aprons are another popular item that can be made for you or someone special in your choice of colors and styles. I make finger puppets, baby toys, quiet books, etc. If you have an idea, I will try to make it a reality!

I have designed a Chameleon Purse that has a basic bag with interior pockets which is beautiful to carry on its own and then interchangeable outer covers can be added to change the look of the purse. The covers also add exterior pockets to the purse. The basic bag is available in black, navy, dark brown, or white with short handles and an optional detachable shoulder strap. The covers are limited only by your imagination!

Do you have clothing you cherish? From your baby’s clothes or a special someone’s shirt, etc. I can make a remembrance pillow, bear, or bunny. For that recent graduate who may be heading off, imagine what a wonderful gift to have a special item made from their baby clothes. And a memory bear or pillow is a great way for family members to honor and remember that special person in their life.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website!

Yours Truly,

Sheri Linehan

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