Custom Sewing

Custom made clothing was once considered a luxury. Now it may be a necessity for everyone. Designers seem to think that all people are a standard size and shape and, if you are like most people, you know very few of us are “standard”. Why pay a great deal of money for something that does not fit correctly? You deserve to have a great fitting wardrobe that can make you look and feel wonderful. Alterations on ready-made clothing can help, but custom sewing is a great alternative when you are considering buying a new dress, pants, or suit. Get the style, color, and fabric YOU want instead of being forced to take whatever the store buyer has chosen for you. I am also able to copy your favorite pieces and make new ones for you. Let us get together and see if some personalized pieces are right for you!

Custom sewing is not a quick process. Time is needed for patterns to be found or made, multiple fittings to be done and the final product to be constructed. Please be certain you are allowing enough time for a custom product to be made before any big events.